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Network Cable Testing and Certification

Network Cable Testing and Certification Services

Network Cable Testing and Certification Services

Most companies have no idea that bad connection speeds, sudden loss of connection, even bad quality televisions could be the product of defective structured cabling.  Below are three reasons why network cable testing and certification is essential.

 Network Cable Testing and Certification Considerations

  • What manufacture brand* and country of origin are the cables you are using?
  • How were the network cables installed, what direction do they take in their run from point to point?
  • How well are the connectors on the cables crimped and are the jacks connect with, terminated properly?

Some industries require network cable testing and certification during new construction, or remodeling.   Hospitals for instance need to ensure that the data packets sent over the network cables are secure and fast.   Banks, are another industry that requires network cable testing and certification.

Did you know that in order for a hotel to become a four star facility, all of the network cables have to be tested and certified?  This ensures that guests are receiving the absolute best connection speeds over the wireless network.

What can happen if a network cable has not been certified?

  • Occasional loss of connection or timeouts to file servers, mail servers or web surfing.
  • Crawling speeds when working on large files and media. Performing data intensive operations over the network or internet can seem to last a lifetime.

When To Have Network Cable and Certification Testing Performed

Before closing off cables behind walls and ceilings, its also better to certify your network cables when installing inside conduits during renovation works.

Existing cables should also be tested and certified every 2-3 years.
In humid climates, testing and certifying your network can ensure corrosion of copper wires from moisture has not affected the cables performance. Rodents also can pose serious issues to cable coatings by chewing through network cables.

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